Ride alongs afford me the oppurtunity to learn true appreciation  for the dangers our deputies face.
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Big Brothers Big Sisters brought us together 10 years ago.  Love made us family!!


“I come from a family that understands and appreciates hard work. The fruits of their labor from the fields in Northern California, to La Union, NM built a strong foundation for my siblings and I. We volunteered in our community, we served our community. I have been a public servant with over 2 decades of government experience. I know what it takes to work with staff at every level to find solutions, to navigate the complicated governmental red tape and to get things done.”
Public Safety

Nothing is more important to El Pasoans than the safety of their family and themselves. It is important that our Law Enforcement is equipped with the necessary resources to continue to be one of the safest communities in the country.


Our current County Commissioner is working hard

to “defund the police”. I am 100% against any policy that would remove or reallocate funds from our Sheriff's Department budget.

Economic Development

Investing in our Downtown and countywide areas are necessary to attract businesses that will pay our children actual living wages. We have to look beyond tax breaks to make this work. 


Having a seat at the table is a priority for our people with disabilities.  Their voice is not only necessary to address areas that lack the means necessary for activities of daily living but critical to fully understanding the challenges they face and the means by which our county government can address them.  Currently the County has no sensitivity training for their employees.  There is no mechanism in place to hear their concerns or feedback.

Quality of Life

A livable wage is only the foundation of having a quality of life. We also need to look after our Senior Citizens and Veterans to ensure they are getting the care they need. We must preserve and enhance Ascarate Park and Downtown El Paso.


Current programs to assist veterans must be improved and updated and we should create additional programs better aligned to the youngest veterans and their needs as they come back from the longest war our nation has fought.

Childrens Hospital

Physician recruitment has to be the priority for making El Paso a hallmark in healthcare, not just in the county but in the region. There was a purpose in building this focused care and we need to bring that focus back. The building is there, equipment is there, we need to make sure that our children have the best doctors, surgeons and staff as well.

Ascarate Park & County Coliseum

Instead of tearing down our history, we should be reinvesting in it. Instead of always building new, we should update those places we gathered so that each generation after us can enjoy the places and locations that as a community, we gathered to celebrate our culture and our lives.

We are a nation of immigrants. I am a proud daughter of immigrants  and I fully embrace our multicultural community. Every undocumented immigrant deserves a path to citizenship. I am committed to working with especially marginalized communities that are looking for a proper path to citizenship.
Taxes & Commissioner Salary

I will never vote for a tax increase, or to increase our own salaries.

County Jail

It is important we maximize the use of our county jail for the needs of El Paso county, to include housing of federal and state inmates. I support investing in our downtown jail to ensure it is structurally sound and can continue to house inmates for another 50 years.

UMC & Healthcare

The standard of healthcare should also be a high benchmark for UMC. It starts with competent leadership that knows how to maximize every dollar spent. As much as the partnership with Texas Tech offers area students to be tomorrow’s doctors and nurses, we should make sure UMC is doing everything to keep them here and not lose more of them to other cities

Healthcare reaches beyond the ER visit. Community health programs are the key to prevention which overall reduces the financial strain on our County and its resources. The pandemic has shifted how healthcare works within the hospital and we need to ensure our tax dollars are spent in planning and not in panic.

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