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New Leadership: From El Paso, For El Paso; A proven public servant.

After 24 years of dedicated public service to the City of El Paso, Judy retired but did not stop wanting to help her community. During her 24 years at the City, she worked as a 911 Operator, a team member in Economic Development and for 15 years was the Chief of Staff to four City Representatives for District 2.  She did not just serve the constituents daily behind her desk. She was out there. Cleaning trash. Meeting with you, at your home. She saw first hand as to what the issues were. From potholes to graffiti, she was on the job. From missed garbage pick ups to broken streetlights, she was the phone call that got it taken care of. Her first hand experience of the day to day issues facing elected officials and their staff provided Judy with valuable insight into what should always be the priority of an elected official. Working for people.


"My life has been in El Paso. Raised in Logan Heights and educated at Burnett, Bassett, Irvin and EPCC. After immigrating from Mexico, my parents spent their first years in Segundo Barrio. We attended Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, where my First Holy Communion, Quinceñera and Wedding took place. I am 1 of 10 children they raised and loved. Volunteer work, helping others, was taught of us, and to this day I remain active in being vested and of service to my community. With your help and your vote, I will continue to serve you as your next County Commissioner. My platform for elected office is rooted in how I was raised, with the values my parents instilled in their children. I learned to respect the law and my pledge is to support those in uniform. So many members of my family wore various uniforms and took the oath to protect and serve, which is why I will ensure they have what they need to protect and promote our community as one of the safest. To me, Economic Development is not tax breaks. It’s working to have a livable wage for our children. It’s looking to areas for better growth and revitalization and not tearing down history for the next fad. It’s about bringing business that not only employs but enriches our community.

Our culture, our history, our customs are unique. Other cities should aspire to be like El Paso. Let’s work together to make that happen."

- Judy Gutierrez

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